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Kuroshitsuji ciel in wonderland

Ciel in Wonderland is the second OVA of the Kuroshitsuji series. Ciel Phantomhive works on some paperwork in his mansion. As Sebastian Michaelis leaves the room, Ciel is shocked to find Sebastian with a white bunny tail and two rabbit ears. Ciel in Wonderland – Part 2 is the continuation of the second OVA, Ciel in To facilitate the extensive process of revising all articles in Kuroshitsuji Wiki, we will . According to the Kuroshitsuji website, there are 6 OVAs included in the DVD releases. DVD 2: Ciel in Wonderland (Part 1) This re-imagines the.

Discover ideas about Ciel Anime. Black Butler- Black Butler: Ciel In Wonderland OVA (*May I go fangirl now? Resultado de imagen para kuroshitsuji. Poor Ciel, he should know better than agree to play a game with Alois. 'Cause now he's caught in the little sadists world and has to play this.