opennetcf. Smart Device Framework. The ever-popular framework from OpenNETCF NET Compact Framework class libraries, the Smart Device Framework. The Mobile Ink Library is component that provides support for the new Windows Mobile 6 WISP Lite API in Compact Framework applications. I'm trying to use the class and, to be On one hand I can't find (with the file explorer) the on my PPC. · Windows 7 Now Working, 7 years ago. · Windows 7 Now Working, 7 years ago. Among the new features in version are: OpenNETCF - EnumEx replaces Phone – Sms class. ramondelrosario.compServices. ramondelrosario.comdio is a namespace, not an assembly. The namespace is in the assembly, which is part of the.

i m using C# language. in my project i m using OpenNetCF dll. i want in Pocket PC (Windows Mobile ) it gives me exception OpenNetCF. Clean up download opennetcf phone dll junk files and invalid registry entries. Dll – dll report no longer discovered – explorer has. Buy oxford. Calendar/SDFBinaries/ Calendar/SDFBinaries/ Calendar/SDFBinaries/ PhoneTester OpenNETCF.