Moh file cisco callmanager download

Moh file cisco callmanager

This document describes how to download a Music on Hold (MoH) file from Cisco Call Manager server. Simple File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Server Setup. Establish a Secure Shell (SSH) connection to the Call Manager, where the MoH file is uploaded. Solved: I am trying to download music on hold file from CUCM using sFTP. The thing is that I can not connect to the server using FileZilla or any other software. This feature is tested on Cisco Unified Communications Manager Uploading a Select the newly uploaded media file under MOH Audio Source File. 8.

I found a way to download the MoH file from the existing CUCM cluster for Bill is a regular contributor on the Cisco Support Community, a 3 time Cisco. To download Music on Hold WAV files from CUCM follow the below CLI commands. This will download all MoH WAV files on the CUCM to your. Selection from Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8: Expert After the file is uploaded, it will be available under the MOH Audio Stream Source File list.

Came across an MoH issue for a customer where the file was missing from Subscriber. As you may be aware that an MoH file should always be. MoH audio codecs (Gulaw, Galaw, Cisco wideband, and G) are generated by CUCM when files with extension are uploaded to the MoH.