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Mobi2mobi gui

This page of the Visual Kindle Guide was created by Leep, pilotbob and daffy4u. These instructions for using the Mobi2Mobi GUI, are based on. Using Mobi2Mobi (GUI) too remove these flags from DRM'd files will result in an unreadable file. Always ensure you only use Mobi2MobiGUI. Mobi2mobi is part of a set of Mobiperl tools written by MobileRead Please visit the Kindle Mobi2Mobi GUI Vista/XP page to learn how to use it.

Link for Mobi2Mobi Tools windows compiled & Perl Version http://www. &postcount= I'm sorry guys, I've tried. Go to and get the program "Mobi2Mobi", which lets the metadata from the command line, and then get the "Mobi2Mobi GUI. wants to change the title or Metadata on Kindle books they download outside of Amazon (or even from Amazon), you need Mobi2Mobi GUI.

25 Oct [edit] How to use the Mobi2Mobi GUI,.mobi golosita- Books - Vista/XP Step 7) We then use the book title box to change. I do not recommend the standard Windows Notepad) or a WYSIWYG editor, as long 7) Go back to source mode and start tweaking. 3) Unzip the mobi2mobi gui.