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VibraImage technology measures micromovement (micro motion, vibration) of a person by capturing picture of standard digital, web or television cameras and. ELSYS Corp. - Emotion recognition, Aura, Vibraimage, Lie detectors - Biometrics4U. New Behavior Detection VibraImage System intends registration, analysis, control and research of human emotion status for different applications in the fields of.

VibraImage. Способы оплаты. Яндек.Деньги. VibraImage. Способы оплаты. WebMoney, VibraImage. Способы оплаты. QIWI платёж. Discription of the vibraimage technology. Can you see your or your friends aura? - It`s very easy!. VibraImage technology registers micromovement (vibration) of person by standard digital, web or television cameras and image processing.

VibraImage. In medical imaging and biometrics, vibraimage is a recent, psycholgically-based, emotional-recognition visual imaging technology that measures. The vibraimage technology is applied to evaluate the multiple intelligences by presenting the line-opposite stimuli. The analysis of testing results of and 91 . In technology, Vibraimage is an emotional detection imaging device that allows the hidden states of a person to be mapped or correlated according to video.