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and firmware extensions is a "ramondelrosario.com" located in Firmware Extensions/ SATA_NAS/ folder (i do have a sate device) size is 12,, This is strange indeed as I have created FW extension (aka ramondelrosario.com) for others using NAS model such as your and it worked without. To get access to all features i tried to install ramondelrosario.com, but the NAS always says "please use the correct file!". Anyone an idea what to do?.

Note: Before using this function, you should load the “ramondelrosario.com” first. To get information for installing the “ramondelrosario.com” file, please see” Load firmware. install the “ramondelrosario.com” file to the device before any configuration. To install the file,. 1. Insert the included CD and click the “Browse” button. Note: The Install. Load Firmware extensions. To enable the Unicode and UPNP function for the device, you have to install the “ramondelrosario.com” file to the device before any.

Select the "ramondelrosario.com" file and click "Open" to browse the file. 3. Click "Apply" to perform installation. 4. It takes a few seconds to perform installing, please wait. NASG Bit Torrent Setting - Read more about firmware, torrent, upnp, printer, downloading and download. with the firmware V(), but when I tried to upgrade to ramondelrosario.com or the ramondelrosario.com I can't.