Kancolle viewer english download

Kancolle viewer english

SMSDumpConverter. XML SMS Dump Converter (Windows and Android). Python 1 ยท KanColleViewerTranslationsAPI. KanColleViewer! Translations API Server. I moved from KCV(Yuubari's fork) to KC3Kai right before the event, and I loved it, but Chrome is making me more and more angry with each release, so in. 10 Jun - 3 min - Uploaded by Raku PL Kantai Collection - (YouTube Gaming) My Kancolle Viewers language is on japanese.

1 KanColleViewer; 2 Sanaechan Logbook; 3 KanColle Command on Github by sanaehirotaka; an English fork is maintained by silfumus. KanColleViewer - KanColle Command. as the title says, what's the best viewer to play the game? are there any that translate the actual UI, or just ones that display stuff in a. 5 days ago Kantai Collection Game Viewer and Helper. VersionUpdatedOctober 5, SizeMiBLanguageEnglish (United States).

A viewer for the game, a convenient launcher optimized specifically for KanColle. If you're using Flash Player for the game, think that, but better. As an extra bonus, it'll translate the game into English for you, and let the Tool livestream data. Kcanotify is an open-source viewer tool for Kantai Collection Android, provides various features like expedition/docking notification or see battle prediction. of the KanColle Viewer(Yuubari is also known as Xiatian on the forums). If it's not supposed to be in English post import, then I guess it's.