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Minitab Inc. today released Minitab® 15 Statistical Software, the latest version of the leading package used in quality improvement and statistics. Minitab provides the tools you need to analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your Minitab provides convenient features that streamline your workflow. Minitab Inc. today announced the release of a fully translated, Korean version of Minitab® 15 Statistical Software, its flagship product and the.

Minitab latest version: Let Your Productivity Boom with Minitab. Minitab 15 Minitab can do just that with powerful statistical software that transforms analysis . The current version of MINITAB at the time of this printing is MINITAB 15, which is used in the Windows environment. We will assume that you are familiar with. of Minitab 15 and Quality Companion The following coordinators and sends them access instructions by e-mail or postal mail. Coordinators access their. - /courseinformation/MTH /Hsu/Minitab/ 6/8/ PM Chapter 15 6/8/ 2/9/ PM minitab_chzip. See Minitab Multiple Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) • can be used to analyze both balanced and unbalanced experimental designs. MANOVA is used to. - /workarea/VVCTR TSS/MiniTab 15/ 11/5/ PM minitab borrow utility 1/20/ PM